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Kempton Park Motorcycle Autojumbles - About the Organiser

Mortons Media Group owns and operates 30 shows and events across the UK catering for a range of enthusiast audiences. From motorhome and caravan shows, classic bike shows to Autojumbles, off-road motorcycles to classic cars; we entertain over a million people every year.

As part of the portfolio we have the two largest classic bike shows in the world, alongside Europe’s number one off-road motorcycle show, The International Dirt Bike Show

We own the premier UK motorcycle Autojumbles held at Kempton Park and Normous Newark Autojumble also market leading shows such as the Bristol Classic Car shows and Motorhome and Caravan shows

It’s safe to say, we probably have a show that will interest you as a visitor or a trading partner.

Kempton Park Motorcycle Autojumbles - About the Founder

Find out more about Mr Eric Patterson, Aka Mr EGP Enterprises, Mr Kempton Park Auto-Jumble.

Eric is always present throughout every event ensuring everything is running smoothly. Old motorcycles have always been Eric's hobby. He is a knowledgeable enthusiast of British Bikes with specific interests in those built in the thirties right up to the sixties.

• Bonneville 2014 - Eric Patterson gets another record!

EGP Enterprises organiser Eric Patterson is currently back at Bonneville, USA. It certainly hasn't taken pro rider Eric long to get back in to the swing of racing to a new record on his favorite hunting ground.

On his trusted Viscount, Eric has just broken the record in the 1000 cc MPS-CG class, beating the Harley Davidson record of 123.26 mph with his own 124.86 average time. The news from over the Atlantic, "He's just warming up!".

Holiday Inn

UPDATE: Eric's done it again! Blasting down the Salt at 132.508 mph on the first run and 130.860 mph on his return, to up the 1000cc - MPS-VG record by over 8 mph to 131.284 mph!

Follow Eric's up-to-date progress via Facebook here: Eric-Patterson-goes-to-Bonneville-2014

Click the pictures below to enlarge.

Eric And The Team
Eric Patterson
And The Team
Moving Fast For More Records
Moving Fast For
More Records
Ready To Race
Ready To Race
On The Salt
The Team Camp
The Team Camp
In Bonneville

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• Bonneville 2013

Eric Patterson and the Brough Superior team travelled to the USA this summer to conqueur the Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Trials. Also making the journey was TV presenter Henry Cole and his film crew. Henry was one of the riders, along with Eric and Alan Cathcart.

After a stop at Jay Leno's garage, Chief engineers Alastair Gibson and Sam Lovegrove made last minute adjustments and this was the first time most members of the team had seen the completed bike in this form. Brough Superior CEO Mark Upham said "This is the next step in the evolution of the Brough brand. The team are fully committed to achieving all the goals that we have set for this event and I am confident we will achieve them".

Bonneville 2013

There were a few technical difficulties associated with the 1150 Brough but after a few tweaks here and there the first record was achieved at an average speed of 122.0295mph.

On Wednesday Eric flew down the course at a speed of 122.614mph, the best of the event, however during the run a camera had dropped off the bike so the course was closed until they could find it.

Click the pictures below to enlarge.

Eric on the Brough
Eric Patterson
Riding The Brough
The Film Crew video Eric
The Film Crew Get
Video Of Eric
Team Brough strike a pose
Team Brough Strike A
Pose On The Salt
Brough Superior Bike
Brough Superior Bike
Shines In The Sun

In the meantime there was a storm brewing and after the camera was found and the course was briefly opened. Eric despite the weather made his return run at a speed of 126.075 mph. This was in the 1350 AVF Class.

The records now held by Eric at Bonneville are as follows:
Class 1350 A-VG 124.98mph
Class 1350 APS-VF 113.668mph
Class 1350 A-VF 124.345 mph

Rain Stopped Play
Rain Stopped Play
Meaning No Riding
Alan Cathcart Baby Pendine
Alan Cathcart
On Baby Pendine
Engineer Alastair Gibson
Engineer Alastair Gibson
Making Adjustments
Eric stops for a chat
Eric Takes A Break
Revealing No Secrets!

Alan Cathcart achieved two FIM world records and one AMA record on the "Baby Pendine" and Henry Cole set a record in the AMA class 750 A-VF of 99.78mph.

Eric is all fired up to go back next year, for him it is like an annual holiday!

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• A Biking History

Eric's first motor cycle was a 1937 Wolf 125cc that was soon followed by an ex army BSA M20 which he rode in the Windsor Great Park woods in the early sixties, much to the annoyance of the game keepers!

His first job was on a farm at Hook near Basingstoke where he practiced on a D1 Bantam and an old 350cc Panther in the fields. His first purchase for a legal road machine at the age of 16 was a 175cc 1953 Francis Barnet from Sid Moram's in Windsor. Do not ask him about reliability or how many times he came off though, with its hard Firestone tyres. It was soon part exchanged at Sid's for a C12 BSA, again on HP (hire purchase) with the standard DA insurance of the period.

This was followed by a 1959 Super Rocket outfit from Pride and Clarke having a "sports" chair on L-plates. Passing his driving test on this machine he was then able to remove the sidecar, no longer limited to solos under 250cc... He blew it up on the second day out!

Click the pictures below to enlarge.

Eric Aged 18 With
1940's M20 BSA
Aged 20 With
BSA Super Rocket
In Slovenia With
His Matchless G80CS
Trying Out A
Race Outfit In 1962

Eric has spent his life sampling different bikes and has lost count of the many machines he has ridden. He has a particular obsession with JAP V-twins and Cotton pre-war singles. More recently he has been converted to Vincent HRD's. However his trusty G85CS Matchless has been his favourite iron for long distance jaunts having done over 20k miles in the past few years.

The photo on the left shows Eric and daughter Claire in 1993 on a Nimbus. Claire is normally collecting the entrance fees at the Kempton Jumbles.

Eric & Claire 19yrs
Ago On His Nimbus
Royal Enfield 700cc
Constellation In 1973
Norton Jap Which Won
The AMA Record 2008
Claire In France On
650cc BSA Outfit

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• Eric's Travels

Throughout the years Eric has been very keen to tour parts of the world on classic motorbikes, travelling with various friends and making many more on the journey.

Eric travels to many events throughout Europe and has even been known to venture further afield; for example in 2001 He took a trip through the Himalayas with Ron Farthing and this shows the group at 18,380 feet the highest "motorable" road.

This year Eric took his wife Cathy to Italy for the Fiva Rally Italy 2012, riding his AJS 650cc (1966).

Click the pictures below to enlarge.

Eric & friends
in Jerusalem
Himalayas Highest
Motorable Road
Bonneville Brough Superior Speed Record
Fiva Rally Italy 2012
on his AJS 650cc 1966

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• Bonneville Speed Record

2008 - In the 2008 BUB meeting at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA, Eric smashed the class record of 100.022mph previously held by an Indian and then beat his own record the next day. Eric comfortably broke the record at 121.79mph. The photographs below show the official photo, the actual timed print outs, Eric and Ken Joslin with the Norton Jap and the 'pit' proudly displaying the Union Jack. The bike was built by Dave Degens of Dresda Motorcycles.

Click the pictures below to enlarge.

Bonneville 2008
Offical Photo
BUB Time Record
Print Outs
Eric & Ken
with Norton Jap
The British Pit!

2011 - Brough Superior breaks AMA/BUB Speed Record by 10 mph! 2011 BUB Speed Trials at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA.

On September 1st 2011 Eric Patterson rode the specially constructed 1100cc SS model Brough Superior at the Bub Speed Trials. He completed two opposite-direction runs through the measured mile at Bonneville Salt Flats, at a mean average speed of 124.98 mph, breaking the AMA 1350-A-VG Speed Record established by a 1350cc Indian in 2005 at 114 mph!

Prepared over the last nine months by Brough's chief engineer and designer Alastair Gibson the un-streamlined vintage Brough, running on pump gasoline, was ridden exclusively by 65-year old Eric Patterson, a former 121.79 mph record breaker at Bonneville on his own Norton-J.A.P. The new record was achieved over a 5-day period, with eight runs in total.

Bonneville 2011
Offical Photo
Eric & His No.1 Fan,
Wife, Cathy
A Proud Rider
Enjoying The Sun
Brough Superior
Team Photo

The project was masterminded by Mark Upham, Brough Superior's CEO, who came from the firm's HQ at Pettenbach, Austria.

Crucial to the success of this major undertaking was the generous gesture by Jay Leno who, for three disruptive days, placed The Big Dog Garage's facilities at the team's disposal enabling them to de-crate, assemble, and test run the machine after its arrival in Los Angeles.

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